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A paint job can go a long way in transforming the look and feeling of a space. With MasterTouch, everything is possible. For 20 years now, we have served Houston with the finest painting solutions possible. We take the pain out of painting!


    Our painter's expertise in interior and exterior painting, coupled with MasterTouch's streamlined process for booking your painting project, puts us ahead of other painters. We are ready to take on your painting project!

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    MasterTouch guarantees your satisfaction. We do not consider a job complete until your expectations are met.

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Granite Instalations

With it's strong durability and safety, granite countertops are nearly indestructible. Remodeling your kitchen with low maintenance granite has the highest return rate in the added market value for your home.

Carpentry Work

When it comes to carpentry, there is nobody better than MasterTouch to pull off the job. With our experts at the forefront, you can rely that your cabinetry, shelves, staircase railings, and other woodwork, will be beautiful, innovative, and timeless of course! Call MasterTouch today.


Want your business to look great again? Hotels, restaurants, industrial buildings, condominiums, and conference rooms need to be painted from time to time. You may want to light up your storefront and attract new customers. Or maybe your interior needs some work to give your clients a more relaxed and professional atmosphere.

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